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  1. Cafe Barbera @ Bangsar

    August 1, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

    cafe barbera tbn
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    Wow, these photos were taken quite some time ago, all forgotten… please excuse the quality too, it was dark outdoors.

    Cafe Barbera is an Italian cafe/restaurant set in a charming European-styled bungalow somewhere in Bangsar. It caters for indoors as well as outdoors dining.  I wouldn’t recommend dining outdoors though because of the hot weather and the dusty road with exception if you were visiting in the evening and were seated at the sheltered side porch.

    cafe barbera

    As it happened, when we were there the indoors dining area was closed for a private event so we settled for the table at the side porch. It was comfortable, cozy and romantic with candles for light. The staff was extremely attentive and friendly. We were impressed.

    aglio olio

    Unfortunately, i can’t say the same for the food served at Cafe Barbera. While it was not bad, the food was only average.

    Prawn Aglio Olio (RM29.00) looked good and wasn’t bad although it was a little bland. The Chicken Parcel (RM33.00) which is braised chicken thigh with carrots, spinach, turkey ham, capsicum and cheese; served with mashed potato. It was interesting but best eaten while it is hot. It’s rather cloying after a while since the mushroom gravy is quite rich. The mashed potato didn’t do it for me – too dry.

    stuffed chicken

    I always order Caeser Salad whenever i have a craving for salad but i had a sudden urged to try something different this time. I picked the Prawn Avocado Salad (RM20.00) because i love avocado.

    It was simply… strange. 2 large grilled prawn accompanied by avocado and orange slices, cherry tomato and mesclun salad with a tangy dressing. While i generally love salads with a tangy taste (the Sicilian Chicken Salad at D’italiane Kitchen is delicious), here the dressing was too much and too runny almost as if the ingredients have been left on the plate for too long.

    Thanks but no thanks.


    One dish that i actually liked was the Mushroom and Cheese Pizza (RM26.00). The thin crust was crispy while the pizza itself is delicious albeit a bit overly creamy.


    Also not bad was the Mushroom Bruschetta (RM14.00) just because i’m a big fan of bruschetta lol. Love the freshly toasted bread and again it was a bit too creamy but acceptable.

    mushroom bruchetta

    I find it quite strange that the Lamb Shank (RM39.00) to be served with fettuccine, vegetables and grapes. 1. lamb shank is already very filling let alone to be ate together with pasta, 2. fettuccine drowned in thick black pepper gravy is just not my kind of thing.

    However, the lamb shank was tender and robust. I’d leave the pasta alone though.

    lamb shank

    Besides Italian cuisine, Cafe Barbera also caters for the local Asian taste. Here we have the Nasi Lemak (RM19.00) which is cannot attest for since i didn’t actually tried it myself. But according to dad, it was only mediocre.

    nasi lemak

    Of course, we also tried the coffee because Cafe Barbera is quote famous for their coffee isn’t it? I’m not sure whether people are still raving about coffee here since the few reviews i read was from years back.

    Here’s the few that we ordered:

    1) Cappuccino Napolitano (RM10.00)
    2) Napoli (RM12.00)
    3) Cappuccino Italiano (RM10.00)

    I’m not knowledgeable in coffee but i know what i like and they were not bad. Wished they didn’t get us cold cappuccinos though…


    Cafe Barbera
    18 Lorong Maarof,
    Taman Bangsar,
    59000 Kuala Lumpur

    Business Hours: 9.00 am–11.00 pm

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°7’43.9″, E 101°40’29.5″

  2. Onde Onde @ Desa Parkcity

    July 29, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

    onde onde tbn
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    It is decided that we will not patronize Onde Onde in the future as we had a really bad experience last weekend when we had lunch there.

    The younger sister dined there once and didn’t really loved the food but against our better judgments we thought we would give it a try to see for ourselves. After all the eatery is always buzzing with customers especially on weekends.

    onde onde
    -taken from:

    We ordered a bowl of Signature Asam Laksa, a lunch set promo set of Prawn Noodle with side dishes and a Kuey Tia0 Soup as well as a bowl of Sago Malacca. It took awfully long for the food to arrive and when the Prawn noodle came, the staff actually dropped the side dish into the bowl of noodle making quite a mess on the table. The girl was quite apologetic and horrified but did not offer to change the noodle for a new bowl, merely fishing out the side dish. It was after she realized that she got our order wrong (we wanted vermicelli instead of kuey tiao) that she offered to give us a new bowl of noodle. Oh the atrocity!

    But wait, there wholesale hcg is more.

    The Kuey Tiao Soup did not arrive even after we finished (with dread) our food which is 1 hour later. Since the food was below mediocre we asked the same girl to cancel it in which she told us the noodle is already cooked and will be ready in a few minutes insisting we take away instead. It was only because the girl looked so terrified and we didn’t want her to get into trouble with the manager that we agreed.

    asam laksa

    Food wise it was similarly disappointing. The vermicelli was overcooked and too soft while the over-starchy texture of Sago Malacca didn’t really appealed to out taste. Asam Laksa soup was not bad at all but there were no sign of mackerel or even sardine and the noodle was too soft as well. As for the Kuey Tiao Soup i think it is sufficient to say that my mom who is the least picky about food wasn’t impressed.

    Bad service and awful food. Talk about bad luck!
    Onde Onde
    GF-03A Ground Floor,
    Waterfront @ ParkCity 5
    Persiaran Residen,
    Desa Park City, 52200
    Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel & Fax : 03-6280 7419

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°11’18.6″, E 101°38’3.1″


  3. Coco Steamboat @ Old Klang Road

    July 2, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

    cocoa steamboat tbn
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    We actually stumbled upon Coco Steamboat when we were dining at the Thai eatery next door. From outside we saw an extremely long queue and that intrigued us to find out more. So when we got back from dinner that night i Google-d for Coco Steamboat curious as to why so many people would willingly stand in line for food as mediocre as steamboat.

    It turned out that this particular restaurant offers no ordinary steamboat at all. They are famous for their special blend of delicious pork bone soup instead of the usual herbal and tom yam soup served at common steamboat joints. Hmmm…. pork bone soup? Considered me sold!

    Nam Yue Chicken Wing

    It is really hard to make reservations at this restaurant though. We called a few times but no one answered and when finally our call were answered we managed to reserve a table but were encouraged to make reservations 2 days prior the next time we intend to dine there. Yup, that’s how popular this restaurant is. Well, you could always walk-in but be prepared to wait at least 20 mins after giving your name at the counter. I find it quite amusing when a table had been vacated and the lady boss calls out on the microphone; “5 people’s Michelle!”


    I fell in love with this steamboat restaurant because it’s spacious and they have ample fans to ensure that the place is cooling. I didn’t perspire at all eating there unlike at other steamboat place. There is even a koi pond in the middle.

    Coco steamboat is also special in terms that they have a wide range of steamboat ingredients to choose from other than the usual stuffs. The ingredients are extremely clean, fresh and delicious as well – none of those “fake” fish balls which consists of more flour that fish lol.

    Before our order came we tried the Nam Yue Fried Chicken Wings (chicken wings marinated in fermented bean curd paste). It’s very aromatic but not my cup of tea. I don’t find it special and it’s a little bit salty for my taste.

    Pork Bone Soup

    The 7 of us shared a set for 4 pax plus 4 additional dishes which was more than enough.

    The Pork Bone Soup is really to die for especially after a few rounds of boiling the ingredients when the soup becomes sweeter. Delicious! I’ve never indulged so much before at steamboat sessions!

    Oh, if you are there do order the pork slices and fried yams. One is tender and soaks up the sweet flavor of the soup and the other soft but bursting with flavor. Yums!

    pork slice

    It was a pleasant surprise when the bill came and it came up to around RM170.00 only for such a filling and satisfying meal.

    Branch 1:
    NO 2, Lrg Jugra off,
    Jalan BT3,
    Jln Klang Lama,
    58000, Kuala Lumpur.
    Beside Hyundai showroom
    Tel: +6019-2776596
    Business Hours: Opens daily from 6:00pm – 11:00pm (alternate Monday off)

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°6’34.5″ E 101°40’47.2″

    Branch 2:
    No. 37 Ground Floor,
    Jalan 1/119,
    Taman Bukit Hijau (within Taynton View),
    Cheras 56100,
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603-91301940 / +6019-3382222
    Business Hours: Opens daily from 6:00pm – 11:00pm (alternate Monday off)

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°5’6.9″ E 101°44’29″

  4. Best Rochester Restaurants

    March 29, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

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    Might i interest you in a sumptuous meal of comfort food at a quaint little restaurant set in an old historic train station?

    Yes? Well, let’s hit Livonia village at Livingston County! I heard this particular restaurant serves excellent and healthy food and it may be one of the best Rochester restaurants in the area. Besides the great food, the idea that it’s occupying and old train station is simply romantic as well; an exquisite combination of the old and the modern. It would be a perfect place for a couple’s night out or a warm family/friends gathering since the menu mainly stresses on sharing basis (although not compulsory).

    I find it pretty unusual that they promote food sharing as oppose to normal fine dining or even casual restaurant that prepares dishes for individual.  But when i say unusual i meant it in a good way. Coming from Malaysia, it is a norm for us to share so even at fine dining restaurants i have a tendency to share. Sharing is really quite perfect since it’s more economical plus everyone gets to taste what everyone else is having.

    The restaurant offers plenty selection of delicious pizzas, tapas and some awesome unique choices of New American cuisines – the Rainbow Trout dredged in pumpkin seed flour before pan fried certainly caught my attention. What is more important is that the food comes from a sustainable source which means the ingredients comes from a nearby local farm and the menu changes with the seasons. That mostly guarantees that food will be the most fresh and healthy without growth hormones or anything chemical that might harm our body.  Whatever it is, the price here is definitely reasonable.

    As i’m perusing the menu, something else caught my eyes – the Woodfire Grilled Steak Pesto Pizza. This sounds both bizarre and absolutely wonderful. Now if you’ll excuse me!

  5. Kakak Steamboat Restaurant

    March 1, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

    kakak steamboat restaurant tbn
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    Rainy days naturally calls for a meal of hot piping pot of steamboat. And what a wet season it had been, pouring even during CNY when it’s supposed to be the hottest season of the year! Someone made a joke on twitter that Kuala Lumpur is now known as Kuala LumPOUR. So clever LOL.

    Ok, back to the topic of steamboats. As everyone knows Kepong/ Bandar Menjalara is very popular as a steamboat haven. Dozens of steamboat joints scattered all over the area and people from as far as Serdang comes here to have steamboat sessions. Not surprisingly more steamboat restaurants are popping up.

    steamboat ingredients

    One of the few new steamboat restaurants is the Kakak Steamboat Restaurant. I have no idea why it’s called Kakak (sister) but the bf says the Chinese words on the signboard translate into the word Hakka instead of Kakak.

    The restaurant is special too with modern white and light blue interior complete with glass-top tables and wooden chairs, fully air-conditioned and food are served in porcelain dishware. Being a newly opened restaurant the place is extremely clean and the staff waiting our table was very attentive.


    I didn’t really read the menu since i was busy playing with my phone but i understand that they have sets for individual or for sharing. Individual set (RM15.00) comes with a pot of soup (Bak Kut Teh/Herbal/Tom Yam/Cabbage), a choice of meat (Pork/Duck/Chicken) and vegetable with noodles.  You get your own pot for steamboat – same concept as at Pulau Ketam Steamboat Restaurant.

    Bak Kut Teh Soup

    It was interesting that they have Bak Kut Teh soup for steamboat. Definitely my first time having steamboat with BKT soup base but i was not impressed. The soup was bitter and wasn’t sweet at all, i suspect it was made using those instant BKT packets you could easily buy from the supermarket.

    The Tom Yam soup too failed my expectation. It was just average – not spicy or sour enough and a little diluted for my taste.

    Tom Yam Soup

    Ingredients wise they were good – fresh and very hygienic. I must point out that the portion is small and they don’t come with quails egg which is sad because i mucho like quails eggs. However, you can order the eggs separately together with the many other additional dishes available (The staff will push a trolley stacked with side dishes to your table and you can have your pick).

    There are many different condiments too. I saw a total of 4 types of sauces available at the shelf – something that tasted like finely grind ginger, belacan paste, chili sauce and grounded peanuts. I have no idea what the peanuts was for but we took loads of it.

    The boyfriend went to the shelf as if it was self service and took loads of all the different condiments. It was later when i went back and Google about this shop that i found out they charge RM1.00 for additional condiments LOL. I didn’t see  any additional charge on our bill so i guess they didn’t notice us taking them.

    Kakak Steamboat Restaurant
    Plaza Medan Putra 6,
    52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Tel: +603-62638955 / +6019-3347428 / +6016-6676750

  6. Frozen Yogurt Machine

    February 28, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

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    The weather is so unpredictable nowadays – cloudy and drizzling most of the days and blazing hot on somewhere in between. Today is the day when the sun decides to grace upon us sunshine and on days like this the first thing that comes to mind is a delicious and refreshing cup of frozen yogurt.


    Speaking of frozen yogurt, my favorite froyo is of course one with strawberry and kiwi and a drizzle of raspberry syrup. It has to be sugar-free though because I am such a health freak at the moment. Sometimes I will opt for a cherry on top just for the fun of it but nothing beats the smooth and cooling texture of the actual frozen yogurt. I like my yogurt smooth but firm by the way; runny froyo is really disgusting!
    Have you ever wondered how frozen yogurt is made? How those perfectly shaped swirl of milky goodness came about?

    I do and I have always been fascinated with those contraptions they use at the yogurt and gelato shops. The machines are made with cooling system to prevent the yogurt from getting runny. Some machines are really huge free-standing ones and some are compact pieces suitable for counter-top service. The counter-top frozen yogurt machine are easy to use and self-service as well as are portable too. Definitely something I am considering to install once I have my dream kitchen planned out. The kids will love it!

    Then there’s the choice of having the machine with single hopper or with 2 hoppers for mixing the flavors. The firmness and flow of froyo/sundaes/gelatos could actually be controlled using the lever on the machines.

    But I do think that it all boils down to a trusted brand of machine to ensure that the performance of the machine as well as the quality of frozen yogurt is on par. After all I am rather picky when it comes to desserts!

  7. Fatboy’s The Burger Bar @ Publika

    February 25, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

    Fat Boy's tbn
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    The eateries in Publika are usually packed with patrons no matter the time. On many occasions we wanted to give the very popular Red Bean Bag cafe at try but we were totally put off by the queue. I seriously would never queue up for my food unless there’s a guarantee that the food will be out of this world superb. Well, there were none.

    And it just so happens that Fatboy’s The Burger Bar had few unoccupied table at the time – that’s decided, burger it is.

    fat boy's

    I must say the menu at this burger joint is pretty impressive if not amusing with whacky burger names such as Wimpy, The Elvis, Fat Basterd, Holy Caesar and etc. And if you don’t see anything of your liking you could always customize your own burger where you get to pick the type of bun, type of patties and other ingredients.

    Jamaican Me Hungry

    Lazy bum like me don’t like to use too much brain juice when it comes to food – i ordered from the menu LOL.

    I had the Mahalo and he selected the Jamaican Me Hungry which was very, very apt considering how hungry we were.


    Mahalo (RM18.50) burger is made of bacon stuffed pork patties, cameralized onion, grilled pineapple, cheese and mayonnaise on sesame seed bun served with fries. Jamaican Me Hungry (RM19.00) on the other hand includes jerk seasones bacon stuffed pork patty topped with sundried tomatoes, bacon, coleslaw and mayonnaise on sesame seed bun; also served with fries.

    Impressive ingredients huh?

    Unfortunately it did nothing for me. Both burger tasted somewhat similar to me since the bacon strips on Jamaican Me Hungry were dry and doesn’t have the pungent bacon taste at all and i do not appreciate dry burger patties at all. I think the staff needs to learn how to not over-cook the pork to maintain the juicy texture of the patties.

    Kind of make me miss the pork burgers in Bangkok now. Geez…

    Fatboy’s The Burger Bar
    Lot 30, Level G2, Publika
    No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
    Solaris Dutamas, 50480 KL

    Tel: +603-62061352

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°10’15.6″ E 101°39’59.4″

  8. Two Fatty Seafood Restaurant @ SS2, PJ

    February 20, 2013 by kuanfoodfetish

    two fatty tbn
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    After few months of hiatus here i am again and just in time to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year & Gong Xi Fatt Cai! May the year of the Snake bring us health, happiness and prosperity!

    There will be less updates here because there are some vital changes going on and that means less makan trips for us. Boo hoo! I did promise myself to write a post once in a while just to keep this page alive though. :)

    yee sang

    (By the way the nice photos on this post are courtesy of Pipu)

    Chinese New Year this year was somehow a little subdued. It’s pretty quiet in our neighborhood – less firecrackers, no lion dances, less cars hogging the side of the road. This year i “lou sang” just twice compared to last year which i think i did the tossing for a total of 5 times between families and friends.

    My first Yee Sang of of 2013 was during the eve of CNY with my family and second was Two Fatty Seafood Restaurant with friends. The jellyfish Yee Sang (at Two Fatty @ RM40.00) was actually very nice with generous portion of jellyfish and most importantly fresh ingredients. I just love the combination of crunchy jellyfish, crispy crackers and the sour plum sauce which makes it so appetizing.


    This is Three Layered Deep Fried Bean Curd with Vegetable and Mushroom in Abalone Sauce (RM30.00). What a mouthful!

    Tofu is my favorite and this was great. The bean curd really paired well with the flavorful sauce. The Korean mushrooms add a crunchy texture of the dish.

    kai lan

    Crunchy and fresh blanched kai lan (RM20.00) good enough for my liking.

    sweet sour pork

    A lover of Sweet and Sour Pork (RM35.00) i am, so i would order it whenever i get the chance. Unfortunately the dish here failed me. While the deep fried pork was crispy, i think the sauce is lack of something… some vital ingredients i fail to grasp. Not sour enough and not thick enough perhaps. And where’s the pineapple?

    steamfish with sauce

    Another delicious dish is the Steamed Tilapia with Sweet Sour Sauce (RM48.00). Presentation was absolutely beautiful.

    Taste wise was good with baby smooth flesh smothered with tangy sauce and chopped spring onions.

    pork ribs

    The Nam Yu Spare Ribs (RM32.00) didn’t do it for me. It was just alright. I find them a little too dry, hard to chew and lack of the pungent taste/smell of nam yu. But then i’m never a fan of ribs to begin with.

    All in all, Two Fatty proved to be a great place to dine with friends and family especially for occasions such as this. Place is clean, staff is gracious, food is good and affordable.

    Two Fatty Seafood Restaurant
    95 Jalan SS 2/6, Ss 2,
    47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    Tel: +603-7873 1391
    Business Hours: 11.00am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm-11.00pm

    GPS Coordinates:  N 3°6’55.1″ E 101°36’57.3″

  9. Restaurant Ah Koong

    October 23, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    ah koong tbn
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     Restaurant Ah Koong with its polished signboard looked pricey. But given that it was almost tea time where most of the eateries are closed for break and we were in Pudu which means naturally parking space is really an issue, there isn’t any choice. Mission roast pork rice abandoned, we grab the first parking space we saw and entered into Ah Koong.


    You place order outside before you enter. There are a wide selection of ingredients to choose from fish pastes and tofu to fresh oysters and prawns. Just choose your noodle preference and whether you want it with soup or dry, you’re noodle will be ready in a jiffy.

    I’m perplexed at the number of air-conditioning unit installed in the shop. They were on full blast too Online Blackjack even on such a rainy day. It was a relief that the bowls of steaming noodles arrived rather quickly.

    Ah Koong boast of their special made pure fish balls which contains no preservative. They were really good without the floury taste. Noodles were very springy as well plus the soup was non-greasy and clear with a tinge of sweetness. I liked it a lot but not in love with it because i must have my noodle with a heavier flavor but it’s a healthy change.

    4 bowls of noodles together with drinks came up to around RM37.

    Restaurant Ah Koong
    Ground Floor No.172,
    Jln Changkat Tambi Dollah,
    Off Jalan Pudu,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel:+603 – 21433477
    Business Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm

    GPS Coordinates:  N 3°8’18.5″ E 101°42’35.4″

  10. Wei Sun Brandy Loh Mee

    October 17, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    fried rice tbn
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    It’s weird. I never have this thing for loh mee and i definitely never crave loh mee ever and there i was on a Saturday morning thinking of a piping hot bowl of sticky loh mee. But alas, i only get to satisfy my craving the next evening due to the fact that the boyfriend was pretty sure the shop is open in the evenings only (which in fact he was wrong; Wei Sun is open from 10.30am to 11.00pm).



    Wei Sun is famous for its loh mee cooked with liquor even though they do offer a variety of Chinese dishes. Customers obviously go there for the loh mee instead since every table we saw has at least a bowl of the noodle.

    Well, don’t be disappointed with the actual noodle though. It’s not as ‘pretty’ as it looks on the menu. There are practically little abalone slices but plenty of ham and perhaps a few prawns.

    Personally, i think the loh mee is pretty good but nothing exceptional. I do like the hint of alcohol in the gravy and i have to admit that the wheat noodle is springy but nothing to be too excited about.


    We did try some other dishes but they were just mediocre. The fried rice was extremely oily and the kai lan is with more stems than leaves.


    There is one dish that i absolutely love that evening. It’s the tofu. I don’t remember what tofu it is like a round dics shape; deep fried with superb marinated mince pork on top. Sorry for the blurry photo, i’m getting clumsy.

    Fried rice, tofu, kai lan and loh mee for 5 pax totaled to RM70++. A bit steep don’t you think?

    Restoran Wei Sun
    47, Jalan 9/62A,
    Bandar Menjalara Kepong,
    52200 Kuala Lumpur

    Business Hour: 10.30am to 11.00pm

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°11’35.5″ E 101°37’55.6″

    Tel: +6012-3289 033

  11. Paradise Dynasty @ Paradigm Mall

    August 29, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    Paradise Dynasty tbn
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    Paradigm Mall is all the craze right now thanks to the scandalous social media incident that had gone viral some time ago. Instead of avoiding the mall like a virus until the coast is clear, it is typically Malaysian to flock to the mall to witness for themselves the “faults and failures and disruptions” so they could gossip about it later on. LOL.

    Well scandals aside, Paradigm Mall do merit a visit if not only for its fresh variety of food available. One of the more popular eatery here is Paradise Dynasty, a Singapore-based restaurant specializing in Northern and Southern China cuisines.


    The queue was really long but bearable because they have a good numbering system. We took a number and the lady at the reception estimated that it’ll be 20 minutes before we would be seated; that means we had plenty of time to look around before returning to the restaurant. And guess what, she was quite accurate since it actually was plus or minus 20 minutes when our table was ready!

    I was rather disappointed though because the restaurant is not very spacious and couldn’t sit too many customers (which contributes to the long wait) but with a more spacious VIP corner at the back. The interior is a little bit like Dragon-i with dim lighting and dark wooden tables and an open kitchen at the front for passersby to admire the chefs’ la mian making skills. Facing the dining area is a big Buddha statue with a lighted halo at the end of the mini indoor stream. Very Fengsui.


    I loved all of the different type of la mian that we ordered for its brilliant springy noodles and robust soup base.

    The La Mian with Hot and Sour Soup @RM13.80 which was a little spicy and perfectly sour making it extremely appetizing whiles the La Mian with Braised Pork Belly @RM18.80 taste fantastically rich with juicy pork belly.

    Two of my favorites are the La Mian with Vegetable Pork Dumpling @ RM15.80 and La Mian with Marble Beef in Szechuan Style @RM22.80. I’ve rarely tasted such fine, fresh and very porky dumplings plus the bone soup was delicious!

    As for the Szechuan style noodle, it was… how to i describe it… very… numbing hahaha! The soup was really ass-kicking spicy; one sip and you’ll feel it burning your tongue and as you continue, you find that the spiciness becoming more and more bearable because the Szechuan pepper creates a tingly numbness to your tongue and lips. Awesome!


    Diced Chicken with Dried Chili @RM20.00 is a dish we have constantly ordered whenever we can. You could not go wrong with the piquant and spicy deep fried chicken which is crispy and tender at the same time. Superb!

    We thought we would sample one more dish before we moved on to the highlight of the afternoon. We ended up ordering the Marinated Jelly Fish @RM13.80 which i regretted. I don’t even remember much about it except that it was tasteless.


    Now, when it comes to Paradise Dynasty people would rave about their Xiao Long Bao especially the 8 Flavors Xiao Long Bao @RM23.80. Obviously it comes in 8 flavors (8 different colors) specifically the Original (White), Truffle (Black), Crab Roe (Light Orange), Garlic (Grey), Foie Gras (Bright Orange), Ginseng (Green), Cheese (Yellow) and Szechuan (Pink).

    Truthfully, when we were at the restaurant i had no idea what color is for which flavor so it all taste rather similar to me except maybe for the Cheese, Szechuan and Crab Roe flavor. The rest tasted different from the common xiao long bao but i could not recognize what they were. I still prefer the original porky ones as compared to these fancy new flavors.

    Ah, another case of dashed expectation.
    Paradise Dynasty
    Lot 1F-15, Level 1, Paradigm Mall
    No.1, Jalan SS7/ 26A, Kelana Jaya,
    47301 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°6’20.6″ E 101°35’44.5″
    Tel: +603-78875022
    Business Hour: Mon – Fri 11am – 10pm (last order 9:30pm) Sat -Sun 10.30am – 10pm (last order 9:30pm)

  12. RM. Frea @ Borobudur, Magelang

    August 22, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

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    RM. Frea is a quaint little eatery located opposite road from Manohara Hotel (Borobudur). It is actually a residential courtyard converted into an eatery; the owner staying in the house behind the shop.


    It’s nothing posh or fancy just a regular eatery serving some light local eats like soto, gado gado, nasi gudeg, nasi pecel and a few other varieties.

    It was empty when we entered, for a moment i thought they were closed and i wanted to turn around. Fortunately the lady owner came out from the kitchen and graciously asked us to take a sit.


    Our light lunch include of a plate of Lontong Gado Gado and a Mie Goreng. Both delicious and a much appreciated change from the food at the hotel (not that they were bad but hotel food was getting boring).


    I’ve always adore Gado Gado for the flavorful peanut sauce and this time having Lontong Gado Gado is like double the love. The compressed rice has a pleasant fragrant and the sticky texture is perfect with peanut sauce.


    Didn’t i mention before that Mie Goreng in Indonesia is the bomb?!

    I think i’ve ate so much mie goreng in this country, i lost count. Dry, sharp and piquant. No hint of greasiness too. Perfect.

    RM. Frea
    JL. Badrawati,
    No. 8, Borobudur,
    56553 Magelang, Indonesia

    GPS Coordinates: N -7°-36′-32.3″ E 110°12’32.2″

  13. Kali Opak Resto @ Sleman, Indonesia

    August 16, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

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    Day 2 visit to Yogyakarta brought us to the temple of Prambanan. It was beautiful albeit much smaller than i had expected; a proof of how photos could be deceiving.

    Probably took us not more than 2 hours exploring the temple and the vicinity. We had a lot of time to kill. Fortunately the hired guide was hilarious and full of antics telling us many versions of the history and myths surrounding the temple. Other visitors were starting to stare when he repeatedly pretended to stab the boyfriend LOL.

    I breathed a sigh of relief when it was time for lunch!


    Our host at the guest house actually recommended Bale Raos which supposedly serves authentic royal cuisine. The hired guide on the other hand insisted that the said restaurant is overrated and over-priced, instead he brought us to Kali Opak Resto at the Sleman regency.

    We later learn that Kali Opak belongs to his sister; it was a family business hahaha!


    Oh well, not all is lost. The small hamlet was perfectly serene and cooling, overlooking the Opak river. Quite a nice place for a break.


    For a reasonable sum, we were treated with a pleasant lunch of grilled fish with rice, mee goreng, stir-fried french bean, some fish cake and tomato soup. Nothing special and the dishes are more toned to cater for tourists’ palette but still a decent tummy-filling meal.


    The flavors of the food here especially the grilled fish are obviously subdued. I’ve had grilled fish in Indonesia before, it taste nothing like this.

    I remember the perfectly grilled fish with slightly charred skin so distinct and pungent in flavor and when you finally take a bite the sweet fish marinated in special sauce you can’t help but go “mmmmmmm…” with pleasure.


    Alas, the grilled fish in Kali Opak was only mediocre. The marinade is slightly different from what i am used to. I detected a hint of peanut sauce; it was really strange because it’s like eating fish with satay flavor.


    Our neighboring country makes excellent chili condiments that’ll make anything taste more appetizing!


    I think mee goreng or bakmi is a customary dish in Indonesia. They definitely have great fried noodles; even the most ordinary fried noodles here somehow taste better than the ones back home. Local Indomie (instant noodle) actually taste a lot tastier compared to Malaysia’s.

    The boyfriend joked that perhaps MSG is really popular here. Haha.



    Kali Opak Resto
    Ngablak, Bokoharjo,
    Prambanan, Sleman,
    Sleman 55572
    + 62 858-7824-9292

    GPS Coordinate: N -7°-4.1′-13.8″ E 110°20’36.4″

  14. Food @ Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta

    August 10, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

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    The very short trip down to Yogyakarta was way back in May. I almost forgot about it because it was just a 2/3 days stay and it wasn’t really very happening if you know what i mean.

    We flew in to visit the Borobudur and Prambanan temple and had some time in our hands so we hired a rickshaw to Jalan Malioboro to have a look around; to experience the culture so to speak aha!



    One thing about Yogyakarta is there are not much choices of food available. Perhaps i’m too spoiled for choices living in Malaysia where the selections are incredibly endless but here at Jalan Malioboro where it’s supposed to be one of the busiest shopping street in town (more like a street bazaar), i see stalls after stalls selling the same few varieties.

    However, due to time constraint i think it is the best hub to experience some authentic local dishes such as gudeg, nasi langgi, satay and etc. given you could stand being jostled by the massive, massive crowd.


    The crowd was crazy especially when it was the weekend, to get from one stall to another took some grand maneuvering of a gymnastic champion. If you are not daring enough you could end up stuck there forever.

    After spending almost 15 mins stuck at the intersection it was obvious we were no Olympics star. Forget local cuisine, we quietly retreated to the end of the street where there were less people!


    We did however sample some other simpler snacks available at our corner of the street… without having to compete with the mob thank you very much.

    Snacks like Bakso Ayam and Mee Goreng which we ordered to share. Not exclusive to Yogyakarta but still Indonesian flavor nonetheless. I have to admit that the Bakso that i had in Bali is my favorite, the bakso soup here is a little diluted. I do absolutely love the chili condiment that comes with the noodles though. Spicy and zesty!


    Malaysia has the best satay if you ask me. Satay in Yogyakarta is way out of our league. While satay back home are grilled till the outer layers are slightly charred and inside piquant, satay here are grilled till they are just cooked and they are mostly made of fats. The sauce used is different as well. Instead of robust peanut sauce, we get some mixture of sweet sauce.

    Not bad but not my cup of tea.


    The same goes to cendol in Yogyakarta. They taste more like ABC/ais kacang than cendol and way too sweet from the coconut syrup that they put in it. Toothache!

    Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    GPS Coordinates: N -7°-47′-33.4″ E 110°21’57″

  15. Kaki Bola XO Fish Head Noodle

    August 4, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    kaki bola fish head tbn
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    Oh is Kaki Bola XO Fish Head Noodle shop famous? I had no idea but apparently the original shop at Taman Segar, Cheras has quite some followers. Since then, Kaki Bola had opened a branch in Taman Paramount, PJ and in Bandar Menjalara, Kepong.

    Strange name for a Fish Head Noodle joint though. I guess the owner is a big fan of football… no, HUGE fan to be naming his restaurant after football. LOL.


    What set Kaki Bola apart from other fish head noodle eateries is the soup base that is fused with XO (Extra Old Cognac Brandy) to give it an alcohol flavor.

    That being said, if you are not too crazy about XO, you could opt for other flavors such as Tom Yam and Shiong Tong.


    The branch in Bandar Menjalara is actually quite a comfortable place for lunch. It was spacious and cooling, the employees were efficient and most importantly the place was clean and hygienic.

    Food presentation was nice as well. Fish Head Noodle looked very appetizing with garnishes of scallion and spring onions.


    Unfortunately, the Fish Head Noodle didn’t live up to my expectation. To be fair it was pretty decent plus the fish and ingredients were fresh, soup was light and tangy but even with the special hint of XO brandy it was nothing out of the ordinary.

    Perhaps, i had my expectation set too high?


    I wouldn’t say ordering the Tom Yam Fish Head Noodle was the best of idea. It was extremely sour but not spicy. Appetizing but doesn’t actually taste like tom yam.


    Kaki Bola XO Fish Head Noodles
    45, Jalan Medan Putra,
    Medan Putra Business,
    Bandar Menjalara,
    52200 Kuala Lumpur

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°11’33.1″ E 101°37’33″

  16. D’Empire Brasserie @ Solaris Mont’ Kiara

    July 29, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    d'empire brasserie tbn
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    We intended to pay a visit to Dubrovnik Restaurant at Solaris, Mont Kiara but as luck would have it, it was closed when we arrived. I’m not sure if the restaurant will re-open because according to their facebook page the notice was posted on May. Now it’s July and it’s still not open for business yet.

    So it was getting late and our stomach was protesting loudly, we entered into D’Empire Brasserie for dinner. Not a good idea since the place was empty except for 1 table occupied by a bunch of youngsters and another by a couple enjoying only wine and appetizers.


    Apparently, D’Empire Brassiere specializes in Italian and French Cuisine. I think i’ve read some good comments about the restaurants some time ago.

    After i tasted the food though, i was flabbergasted. The food was disgusting! Did they change chef or what?!

    No amount of jazzy music playing in the background could make up for the awful food that night. They didn’t even look appetizing to start with.


    Escarde Salad with Seafood was piled sky high on a medium size plate. It was rather difficult to mix together without making a mess.

    It’s a combination of Batavian escarole lettuce in pokie machine online raspberry balsamic vinaigrette, fresh seafood, capers, black olive, cherry tomato and alfalfa. Seafood comes in generous portion but not very fresh. Mixing baby oysters into it i think is bit overkill. The salad was flat and tasted fishy. Nasty!


    Mushroom Risotto is one of the more popular dishes in the restaurant. Are you kidding me?

    The risotto was utterly drowning in the gravy. It was like eating baby food.


    Another disappointment is the Seafood Marinara. Sure it was laden with so much seafood my eyes went wide when the dish arrived. There were so many shrimps and clams on the plate there were not much space for the actual spaghetti.

    Much to my regret though, the seafood again wasn’t fresh and taste wise it was below mediocre.

    It was lucky both of us don’t normally take too much meat else i couldn’t imagine what kind of disaster would be on our table if we were to order steak. I think the only thing worth having is the carrot juice since here Guinness comes from a can too.

    D’Empire Brasserie
    22 Ground Floor,
    Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara,
    Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603-62036887

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°10’32.2″ E 101°39’32.6″

  17. Verona Trattoria @ Section 17, PJ

    July 22, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    verona trattoria tbn
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    The interior is furnished with shades of burgundy and canvas paintings of Italian taste liven up the wall. The lights are dimmed and candles placed on each tables creating a soothing ambiance. While it is far from posh and i’m not too crazy about the decor, the small restaurant certainly creates a comfortable atmosphere for enjoying a hearty Italian meal.

    Combine with a hilarious Italian chef (ok not chef but consultant chef whatever that is) working the floor and the pork-laden menu, i’m sold.  


    Mind you, i heard that this restaurant is fully booked most of the evenings and it was as well when we arrived without a reservation that evening. The chef almost turned us away before realizing there was one unoccupied table left unreserved. Best to make reservation to avoid disappointment.  


    We ordered almost everything off menu; the house specialty of the day was a long list of tempting fare written on a piece of A4 paper. One of them was the Grilled Pork Belly @ RM39.90.

    The chef purposely stopped by our table to show us the gorgeous, succulent pork belly that  was about to be served to the other guests on the next table. Before i had a chance to give the dish a further inspection, he gave us a winked and whisk away the dish. That absolutely sealed the deal.  


    Truthfully, i’m not a pork belly aficionado. In fact, the sight of so much fat is enough to make me running.

    That being said, the pork belly here looked so good it was a sin not to give it a try. And it was actually very good.  The skin is extremely robust and crispy albeit a bit difficult to cut while the tender pork belly oozes with juicy flavor.  It is neither greasy nor overwhelming. Paired with the tangy melon salad free pokie online on the side, it was light to the taste bud and delicious.  


    Verona offers a variety of thin crust pizza with generous choices of toppings. I simply adore the Pork Bacon, Pepperoni and Salami pizza @ RM31.90 with its incredibly thin and crispy crust and the juicy toppings so laden with cheesy goodness.

    Remember once upon a time when you pull out a slice of pizza from the plate, strings of messy warm cheese seems to never end? I was simply delighted when i took my first bite of pizza here and rich cheese almost making a mess on my chin. Yeah, if it’s stringy then it’s yummy!


    Also equally delightful is the Aglio Olio @ 26.00 (this one is on the menu). Definitely the best one in town. Who would have known a simple dish of spaghetti, olive oil, garlic and chili peppers could be so rewarding to the palate.  


    Finally is the Linguini with tomato base @ RM37.90. Forgive me if i forgot the name of the dish, i was concentrating too hard on devouring them instead. Anyway, the sauce was exquisite with plenty of perfectly cooked but still crunchy cherry tomatoes.

    Note that the sauce is made from scrap; well at least it doesn’t taste like the common canned spaghetti sauce to me. The only lament is i find the pasta slightly raw. A few more second in the pot would have been perfect.

    We would have loved to end the evening with a nice dessert from the menu but it was Huey’s birthday and we brought a birthday cake. Perhaps on the next visit.    

    Verona Trattoria
    No.8, Jalan 17/54,
    Section 17,
    Petaling Jaya,
    46400, Selangor

    Tel: +603 – 79602890
    Business hours: 12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10pm (closed on Sunday)

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°7’33.3″ E 101°36″13.6″

  18. Share Tea @ Tropicana City Mall

    July 15, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    share tea tbn
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     Move over Chatime, Share Tea is here to stay!

    Seriously the queue at Chatime is not getting any shorter. I’m impatient like that especially when it comes to my occasional bubble milk tea fix. One look at the crowd and that’s it; i’d rather head over to the nearest mamak for a quick hearty glass of teh ais.

    That being said, bubble tea fever is definitely still at its high in Malaysia. In Asia too i guess – you wouldn’t believe the number of inquiries about franchising options i received after i wrote about Dakashi some time ago. Ermm.. hello, i just wrote about the drink i had in Guangzhou, i’m not the franchising department of Dakashi so please stop asking me.


    Share Tea on the other hand has less people queuing… for now, considering that this Taiwan brand franchise is fairly new in Malaysia. Ok, not so new since they already have 21 outlets all over Malaysia and 3 more opening soon but the publicity is less massive compared with Chatime.

    Now my only hope is the line at Share Tea kiosks would remain reasonably short and they don’t adopt the inefficient serving style in Chatime of requiring daisy fuentes pokies customers to pay first, take a number and wait forever for their drinks to be ready.

    As for the drinks, Share Tea serves really good bubble milk tea of all kind of flavors as well as natural fruit teas and other yummy drinks. You get to choose your toppings, sugar level, and even the type of tea (Red, Green, Wenshan Tea, Oolong Tea) you prefer.

    So far i tried 4 types here – Share Tea Classic Milk Tea, Honey Milk Tea, Mango Fruit Tea and Winter Melon Tea, all with 30% sugar level. I’m happy that i liked every one of them. Quality milk tea with springy pearls, ah heaven. The Mango Fruit Tea was delicious! The tea comes with a layer of cream on top which was really addictive but not so kind to the waist line. Winter Mellon Tea is the boyfriend’s all time favorite for its refreshing flavor.

    Prices of drinks range from RM4.90 – RM6.90 for a regular one to RM5.90 – RM7.90 for a large one. Not bad.

    Share Tea
    G–PPK2 (Ground Floor)
    Tropicana City Mall
    No 3,
    Jalan SS20/27 47400 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan.

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°7’50.9″ E 101°

  19. Sawadee 88 Thai Village @ Hulu Langat

    July 9, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    sawadee tbn
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    Sawadee 88 Thai Village is very much similar to Fish Farm Thai Restaurant; both situated off the beaten track spots in Hulu Langat with roads leading to them, poorly lit, bumpy and narrow, both restaurants resembles a small Thai village with nipah/bamboo stilt huts surrounding a fishing pond and both serves authentic Thai Cuisine.

    The difference is Sawadeee 88 is fairly easier to reach and the road leading to the restaurant is not in as bad a condition. Sawadee 88 also is better lit and spacious as well as a lot more clean. The food portion here is more generous than at Fish Farm too.


    We later learned that this particular restaurant is a branch to the more popular original Sawadee 88 located at Jalan Chan Sow Lin which boast of excellent Thai food especially their tom yam.

    Oh, tom yam it’s been too long since i’ve tasted some and i was and still am desperately craving for it!


    Branch or not, this place was brimming with eager customers when we arrived but we were greeted by the Chinese lady (i guess she is one of the owner) whom got us a table immediately. The food and drinks took rather long to arrive though – i was ready to chew off my chopsticks because my grumbling stomach was sending deluded signals to the brain wth.

    That being said i’m glad i did not cheered aloud and embarrassed myself when the Pandan Chicken arrived. The fragrant aroma emitting from the dish was tantalizing. The taste? Exquisite. The chickens were grilled to perfection; piquant on the outside but juicy and moist on the inside. I think i picked up a hint of tangy fish sauce used to marinate the chicken, i’m not too sure but it was really appetizing.

    They gave us 6 pieces instead of the 7 we ordered. In the end they sent 2 more to our table. Yay! Thrilled to receive free food – the Asian in me LOL!


    Another delicious dish we had that night was the Fried Salted Egg with Shrimp. Despite using salty eggs, it was not salty at all. Soft, fluffy and flavorful are the words to describe it.


    One of the best Paku Pakis with Belacan and Prawns i’ve had in a while. The fern was fresh and crunchy, totally absorbing the belacan flavor. It’s not too spicy either nor too soggy. On normal days, i would not say this is one of my favorite type of vege but this was great and i was wolfing down plenty of it.


    Ah, here comes the much anticipated Seafood Tom Yam with succulent juicy prawns and lala.

    Perhaps it’s because of the longest time that i was abstained from having tom yam, the first sip was heaven! I had the time of my life haha.

    Seriously though, the tom yam was good; just the perfect level of sourness and pretty authentic. However, it wasn’t as spicy as expected (where your tongue and throat burns hours after eating).


    Chef Fried Curry Crab was a big disappointment in terms of freshness and flavor. Ed suspected they were frozen crab because the flesh was too flaky and not sweet at all. It was a dry dish with not much gravy to go around and the curry flavor lacks the oomph.


    After the crab, things started to go downhill.

    Kensom Tilapia in Thai Special Sauce was something of a surprise. Instead of the normal steamed fish, sitting on top of the plate with burning charcoal underneath is a pan-fried tilapia fish. While the fish is heated, a special blend of Thai sauce is poured onto it.

    While the sauce was pleasantly sour, it was also too salty making us feel very dehydrated. The fish on the other hand is not juicy and the skin texture was very starchy and weird. In the end we just scrapped off the skin and try our best to finish the flesh as to not waste it.


    We agreed unanimously that Fish Farm Thai Restaurant wins hands down for their succulent grilled lamb as compared with the grilled lamb here at Sawadee 88. The grilled lamb was dry and chewy. Erm, no thanks!

    It’s a 50-50 rating for Sawadee 88 (Hulu Langat) i suppose. The night started out great with some delicious Thai food then later in the evening we had some not so delicious stuff. Perhaps, the main restaurant at Chan Sow Lin is better?

    Kensom Tilapia in Thai Special Sauce – RM35.00
    Chef Fried Special Curry Crab – RM91.00
    Fried Salted Egg with Shrimp – RM20.00
    Tom Yam Seafood (S) – RM20.00
    Paku Pakis Belacan with Prawn – RM20.00
    Pandan Chicken – RM17.50
    Rice x 7 – RM11.20
    100 Plus – RM2.50
    Kedondong x 6 – RM27.00
    BBQ Lamb (2 piece) – RM24.00

    Total: RM268.20

    Sawadee 88 Thai Village
    Lot 1625, Jalan Sungai Tekali,
    Hulu Langat Batu 14,
    43100 Hulu Langat Selangor

    Tel: +6019-6644678, +6019-6644516

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°6’40.6″ E 101°50’2.5″

  20. Bak Kut Teh @ SH Cuisine

    July 2, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    sh cuisine tbn
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    A craving for BKT no matter what time or day it is could easily be satisfied because Bak Kut Teh shops are of abundance in KL. Seriously, you’ll never be far from a BKT shop ever. Kepong alone has just so many of them i lost count.

    Quality BKT though is not as easy to find. Mostly eateries carries average or even diluted soup base which we tolerate because BKT is still BKT so diluted herb broth is better than none haha. But sometimes desperate cravings calls for five-star indulgence. Any recommendation on an excellent BKT session? Anyone?


    Well, I have one – SH Cuisine. I’m sorry i forgot to ask the Chinese name for the shop but as a consolation it’s fairly easy to find. Corner shop at Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 3, KIP, how difficult could that be right? :P

    SH Cuisine here has just earned a brownie point from me. This particular BKT shop is sitting next to Hong Bee as two of my favorite BKT eateries in KL.  


    Sh Cuisine’s a fairly new shop so the interior is simple and clean. Like those new breed of BKT shops popping up everywhere, they have wooden marble tables and wooden chairs and serves BKT intended for 1 person in a cute tiny porcelain stand with lighted flame underneath the bowl.

    What i adore about this place is the quality of the BKT broth which was thick and extremely flavorful. The portion is generous and the pork was soft and tender totally absorbing the taste of the herbs.

    I always prefer conventional BKT compared to the dry type but surprisingly i loved the Dry BKT here. It as really delicious and the gravy is thick, not too salty and a little tangy. It was slightly spicy too (as you can see from the photo they are cooked with dried chili) which made it even more appetizing.    

    Bak Kut Teh (Pai Guat, 2 person) – RM22.00
    Dry Bak Kut Teh (2 person) – RM24.00
    Bak Kut Teh (Sai Kuat, 1 person) – RM9.50
    Yao Char Guai x 2 – RM3.60
    Rice x 5 – RM7.50 Bu Er Tea – RM5.50

    Total: RM72.10    

    SH Cuisine No. 68 Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 3,
    Taman Usahawan Kepong Utara,
    52100 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +603-62417319

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°12’57.4″ E 101°38’21.8″

  21. Royale Vietnam @ Starhill Gallery

    June 26, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    royale vietnam tbn2
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    It takes some getting used to Vietnamese Fine Dining. The Vietnamese food i know have nothing to do with fine dining at all.

    The time spent in Hanoi was strictly used to wolf down the many scrumptious street snacks and dining at small but quaint local eateries. In fact the only time we had a proper posh meal in Vietnam was when we were blessed with the good fortune of a leaking cabin roof and with a stroke of luck awarded a stay on a private junk (the ship kind, not the rubbish kind). The meals were simple but elaborate and you can see from the delicate decorations on the dishes that a lot of effort had been put into them.

    Not to seem impolite though but i enjoyed the food we had on the streets more than the carefully prepared meal on the boat.


    Back in Malaysia, it’s not every day that you can find authentic and good Vietnamese Cuisine. Most Vietnamese eateries here lack the skills and prefer to fuse it ala Malaysian style. Sad.

    Now i’m not a Vietnamese food expert, in fact i’m no expert at all but Royale Vietnam located at Starhill Gallery is as authentic as it gets.


    The restaurant is elegant and the ambiance perfect. The wooden frame and panels as well as deliberate ornaments on the shelves and silk Vietnamese lanterns hanging from the roof, a sign of impeccable taste.

    Waitresses were seen waiting on customers or preparing tables completely dressed in traditional Vietnamese costumes and always with a smile.

    I must say the service here is top-notch. The staffs were gracious and polite, nodding and speaking softly all the time as if you were member of royalty.


    Our first dish came and my eyes opened wide like round China plates.

    On the plate was an elaborate phoenix (i think) carved out of carrots and our Fried Spring Rolls was carefully anchored on an orange (the body of the phoenix). Well, the real thing is more impressive than the photo i swear.

    And here i thought food carving was things of the past.

    Yes, back to the Fried Spring Rolls. It was live sex net superb! Perfect level of crispiness on the outside and crunchy blend of fresh vegetables on the inside paired with tangy fish sauce. Mmmm…. delicious. No more dry and limp spring rolls for me man!


    We expected the Dry Vermicelli we ordered to be deep fried and crunchy because the dry noodles we had in Hanoi were deep fried till it is crunchy then stir fried with vegetables.

    Instead, the vermicelli here was boiled then drained and mixed with an assorted of ingredients such as shredded cucumber, carrots, white radish, pieces of chicken, basil and small pieces of spring rolls wrapped around lemon grass. A sprinkle of roughly grounded peanuts and fish sauce completes the dish.

    Not what we were looking for but not bad. Fish sauce is one of the greatest ingredients don’t you think? It makes even the plainest food like vermicelli and bland tasting vegetables taste good.


    One of my favorite of the evening was the Grilled Brinjal with Mushroom. Even the presentation makes my mouth water.

    Sweet and tender brinjal paired with fragrant mushrooms with a sprinkle of salty bonito flakes on top to add to the aroma and flavor. You’ve got to love the moment you sink your teeth into the juicy brinjal!


    Pumpkin Chicken is an interesting dish. It is actually small pieces of chicken coated in pumpkin batter before deep fried. Surprisingly it wasn’t greasy at all. I genuinely like the dish for the sweet and piquant flavor as well as its crispy and airy texture. However, the portion is a little overwhelming making me slightly nauseated. Perhaps, it is best ordered to share for a larger group of people.

    Price is kind of steep but it is as expected considering we were dining in Starhill Gallery and it is fine dining after all.

    Fried Spring Roll – RM15.90
    Dry Vermicelli – RM24.90
    Pumpkin Chicken – RM32.90
    Eggplant with Mushroom – RM24.90
    Drip Coffee – RM14.90
    Vietnam Tea (1 pot) – RM5.90
    Steam Rice (1) – RM5.00

    Total: RM144.30 inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% gov tax

    Royale Vietnam
    Starhill Feast Gallery,
    Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: +603-2143 9778

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°9’8.8″ E 101°42’13.1″

  22. Zakuro Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Mont Kiara

    June 20, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    sukiyaki vege tbn
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    Zakuro comes highly recommended by the sister and HK, being regulars and all. Usually they would give the chef a budget so he could whip up something in the kitchen accordingly. One of their favorite Japanese restaurant, they come back with stories of wonderfully fresh sashimi and delicious udon; making my mouth water with the pictures of gorgeous Japanese food in my head.


    When i asked the sister about the table menu however she just shrugged – she never tried them before. So, we decided to give it a go.

    Overall, it was nothing spectacular or memorable. The Mentaiko Maki which is stir-fried udon with cod roe, was rather salty but the taste was very promising. Little less salt would have made it a great dish. Well, the sister swear that it tasted much better when she had it so many times before and a quick inspection in the kitchen confirmed our suspicion – the chef was busy preparing food for V.I.P.s so food off the menu is prepared by the other employees. Hmph!


    Other forgettable dishes are the bento sets and Yose Nabe. Yose Nabe is some kind of seafood soup with lots of mushrooms.


    I did not particularly like the rice they serve here. It was slightly on the soggy side and very sticky.


    The sashimi was good though. The ingredients are obviously fresh. Sinking your teeth on a fresh, soft and tangy piece of raw salmon and butter fish is heaven. Oh yes, the butter fish (something new to me) was scrumptious!


    The highlight of the evening was the excellent Sukiyaki.

    Preparing Sukiyaki had always been an event with me. I just love to watch the soup sizzled on the hotplate and when the variety of vegetables are added, you can see soup become thicker by the seconds and the fragrance emitting from the plate is tantalizing. Anticipation!


    And finally when the thin slices of beef are added into the mix, my mouth starts to water and i can’t wait to gobble them up.

    The slices of beef here is amazingly tasty. Fresh, tender and fatty. Dipped in raw eggs and i can have it all to myself if given a choice. I wish i didn’t have to share!


    To end the evening, we had green tea ice cream with azuki beans. Generous proportion. Nice!


    RM300++ for everything inclusive of a Unagi Bento (no photos) is quite reasonable. However, to get good quality food, i would recommend that you ask the chef to prepare your food according to budget instead of ordering from the menu.

    Zakuro Japanese Restaurant
    C-OG-02 Plaza Mont Kiara
    2, Jalan 1/70C, Mont Kiara
    50480 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: +603-6201 6626

    Google Coordinates: N 3°9’52″ E 101°39’10.2″

  23. Pangkor Village Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Megah

    April 28, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    kam heong lala tbn
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    Gosh it’s been a while since an update had been made here. I’ve been swamped with utter nonsense and engulfed in so much bad luck you wouldn’t believe it if i told you and to top things off, i had gotten horrifyingly lazy – a combination befitting of a long, long hiatus.

    Well, i’m back… for now. This time with a long overdue post (2 months overdue wtf) and atrocious photos of seafood. A sign to invest on a good camera i guess. It’s already on my wish list for quite some time but each time loses out to other obsessions on the list :S.

    On a brighter side, DSLR always makes food looks better than they really are and here you get a glimpse of what they actually looks like? LOL.


    So back to food!

    Have you visited Pangkor Village Seafood Restaurant at Taman Megah before? The one right opposite of the very famous Fatty Crab Restaurant.

    Yes, i have to admit our initial choice was Fatty Crab Restaurant but to endure the extremely long wait together with the many customers who also did not make bookings would have meant only one thing – dying of gastritis. Seriously, the crowd was so amazing; we managed to secure a table at the opposite restaurant (Pangkor Village Seafood Restaurant) and midway through our meal i spotted the same person still waiting at Fatty Crab.


    I don’t blame that guy for sticking to his choice though. The food at Pangkor Village Seafood Restaurant is a little lackluster. From the Chili Crab and Salty Egg Crab to the recommended Kam Heong La La, it was just mediocre. The Chili Crab tasted suspiciously similar to Sweet Sour Crab, it was alright but with less oomph, Salty Egg Crab tasted bland with little crab meat.

    I wished i had chosen the La La with Superior Soup instead because i didn’t like the Kam Heong style at all which i think was dry and rather salty.


    Not the best Stir-Fried Paku either – soggy and without much flavor.

    Seeing that the portion is not too big we also ordered an extra dish on the last minute. The Honey Chicken took ages to arrive (hence no photos) and was very disappointingly dry and dense.

    Another additional dish is the signature fried tauhu. It was alright, crispy and with flavour but nothing outstanding.


    Price wise it was standard. The bill came at around RM300+.

    Service wise it was pretty bad. Not only did the chicken dish came really late, the man tau we ordered did not arrive at all even after we reminded them twice. One employee had the guts to tell us she had no idea about the man tau and told us off by saying she is too busy! We had to fetch our own plates for our birthday cake since we asked and waited patiently and they did not turn up.

    Not returning, ever.
    Pangkor Village Seafood Restaurant
    59, Jalan SS24/8,
    Taman Megah,
    47801 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan.
    (located right opposite Fatty Crab)

    Tel: +603-7803 6577
    Business Hour: 12pm-3pm, 6pm-11pm

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°6’52.6″ E 101°36’45.6″

  24. Plan B @ Bangsar Village 1

    April 19, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    pan b tbn
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    Warm and nice cafe-styled restaurant that offers both Western food and a few Asian inspired dishes as well. The interior has an industrial feel about it, very chic yet exudes coziness; something i always look for when i subconsciously create my home dining space in my head.

    We were greeted with an apologetic smile as the place is full to the brim – it is lunch time after all. Fortunately we went a little late and it did not take too long for the crowd to thin.


    Word of mouth says their nasi lemak and club sandwich is pretty good. I’m not about to consume nasi lemak with my currently weak stomach so i opted for The Loaded Club (RM20.00) instead.

    It looked really impressive; huge, thick sandwich with generous stack of ingredients (grilled chicken, turkey bacon, roasted capsicums, avo & feta mash, egg) in between served with some side chips and it certainly is very healthy. However, it failed me at the taste department. While the grilled chicken and roasted capsicums exudes a robust aroma, the combination of ingredients tasted rather bland. The avocado and feta cheese paste was tasteless as well.

    I can’t believe i’m saying this but it definitely needs to be more salty and less healthy!


    Also slightly disappointing was the Spicy Aglio Olio (RM14.00). It’s a simple dish with spaghetti sauté with olive oil and roasted garlic and chilies, exactly what the menu described. We were surprised when the dish arrived because it just looked so…. so uninteresting, just plain glossy spaghetti with a few cloves of garlic and a red chili on top.

    To be fair it was not bad as the roasted garlic and olive oil gives it an appetizing fragrant even though bland. It wasn’t even spicy so if you have to just add some chili flakes yourself. I wish there were some bacon flakes around to add on. Serves us right for not reading the menu properly.


    Hmm… Ayam Masak Merah (RM24.00) served with acar and steamed rice. Tempting. I love Ayam Masak Merah.

    Too bad it’s slightly too sweet. But paired it with hot piping rice it’s not bad especially when there’s acar and papadom… especially papadom. I can have papadom anytime of the day, every day. Yums.


    Plan B
    G5, Ground Floor,
    Bangsar Village 1,
    No 1, Jalan Telawi 1,
    Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: +603-2287 2630

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°7’46.3″ E 101°40’14.5″

  25. Chocolate Tiramisu Cake from Levian Boulangerie & Patisserie

    April 12, 2012 by kuanfoodfetish

    levain boulangerie tbn
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    Not really a flattering photo that we had taken but the real thing is delicious!

    It’s my Chocolate Tiramisu birthday cake from Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. Extremely rich and lavished with gorgeous pieces of chocolates inside and out.


    I’m a little overwhelmed with the abundance of chocolates since i actually finished this 400g cake in 2 days. Dig in and you’ll find even more pieces of chocolates embedded in the middle of the cake! Gluttony!

    Ps:// It’s not what we call wallet-friendly at RM50+ (sorry Bim, I took a peek at the receipt) for a small cake but worth every spoonful of guilt :P.

    Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie
    No. 7, Jalan Delima,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel: +603-21426611
    Business Hours: Monday to Sunday 7.30am – 9pm

    GPS Coordinates: N 3°8’46.3″ E 101°43’14.2″

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